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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.1 Mechanical

(Aeroplane Turbine)

The engineering field known as aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is license-based and focuses on maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting of aircraft. An aircraft is inspected, repaired, and maintained by a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. Before an aircraft takes off, a certified AME must verify that it is fit for flight. This path in aircraft maintenance engineering is available to candidates who want to work in the mechanical departments of multinational airlines and aviation organizations. This stream focuses on jet engine-equipped aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting. Category B1.1 in the mechanical stream is concerned with the research and upkeep of jet engines and heavy aeroplane structures. Mechanical stream students who pass all of the DGCA's Basic Knowledge Module Exams and fulfil all of the maintenance experience criteria listed in Civil Aviation Requirement-66 are eligible to apply for a Category B1.1 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licence.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.2

This stream that addresses the research and upkeep of piston engines and light aeroplane structures is referred to as Category B1.2. Mechanical stream students who pass all of the CEO, DGCA's Basic Knowledge Module Exams and fulfil all of the maintenance experience criteria listed in Civil Aviation Requirement-66 of the DGCA are eligible to apply for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licence in Category B1.2.

Additional Graduation Programs Offered along with AME

AME+ BE Aeronautical

Our Aeronautical Engineering with AME license training programme is the best option if you want to have a successful career in the aviation sector! While Aircraft maintenance engineering is concerned with keeping aircraft airworthy, aeronautical engineering provides insights into the design, development, manufacture, testing, and maintenance of aircraft.

At the Academy of Aviation & Engineering, where we reinvent training with our ground-breaking program—which couples Aeronautical Engineering with the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license under the new education policy—join us as we explore the next frontier in aviation education. Get academic qualifications and unmatched abilities at the same time to advance your career. By taking two courses, you may quicken your progress, improve your chances of finding employment, and outperform the competition in the ever-changing aviation sector.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering + BE Mechanical / BE Computer Science / BE E&C / BBA Aviation / Bsc / BBA

Enrolling in an AAE AME dual course program opens the door to a wide range of rewarding employment options in the aviation sector and beyond. Students who combine AME with graduation degrees like BE Mechanical/Computer Science/E&C, or even BBA Aviation and BCA/BSc, earn a variety of skills that are recognized by AICTE, UGC, and other governmental organizations. In addition to making students highly relevant and competitive in the aviation job market, this combination of an AME license program and a bachelor's degree opens up various career advancement opportunities, including opportunities for higher education.